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Create a Logo

GRADE 3 - 6

Create a Logo encourages students in Grades 3 to 6 to participate in a competition by identifying and naming a business opportunity that they believe could work in their community, region or province.  They are required to write a paragraph describing what their business is about, design a logo that reflects their business and briefly explain the meaning of their logo.

The Create a Logo program allows students to reflect on the possibilities of entrepreneurship and business ownership. This program encourages our students to be enthusiastic about their economic future and the future of their communities.

How it works?

This program is designed as a two-hour to a        half-day workshop facilitated by a local coordinator. The workshop focuses on idea generation

and brainstorming techniques to help students come up with a unique business concept for their logo.

After the workshop, teachers are encouraged to use the resource booklet provided to continue the entrepreneurship discussion. Students are to complete their logo during class time.

Curriculum Connections

The resource booklet is connected to English/Media Literacy, Social Studies and the Arts. 

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