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School programming plants the seed of entrepreneurship and leadership among our young people and encourages students to be enthusiastic about their future. In-class programs are facilitated by a trained coordinator and integrate classroom curriculum to draw the connections between entrepreneurship and educational outcomes. 


Head Start in Business Alberta brings together various organizations which help create a culture of entrepreneurship. Coordinators work with local organizations to create a memorable entrepreneurship experience for youth.

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Be a Business Bee

Grades K - 2 
Students participate in exciting and age appropriate activities that will allow them to explore the world around them, while stimulating their curiosity and imagination.  The Be a Business Bee curriculum provides opportunities for whole group, small group, individual & play based learning.

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Create a Logo

Grades 3 -6 
Create a Logo has kids identifying and naming a business opportunity that they believe could work in their community, region or province.  They are required to write a paragraph describing what their business is about, design a logo that reflects their business and briefly explain the meaning of their logo.

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Market Your Thoughts

Grades 7-8
Involves students identifying a business opportunity that they believe could work in the province and creating a multi-media business plan describing their business concept.


Start Me Up

Grades 7 -12
This program challenges students in grades seven and eight, as well as Secondary School students to identify a real business opportunity for themselves and their community, by exploring needs and problem solving. The culminating activity is a pitch to local entrepreneurs where prizes are awarded.


The Amazing Entrepreneurial Race

Grades 9 -12
The goal of the Amazing Entrepreneurial Race is to introduce participants to the characteristics, qualities and attitudes of an entrepreneur through experiential activity.  Students are challenged to complete these activities relating to entrepreneurship (like the Amazing Race) with a group of peers. The group to finish first wins!

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Generation E

Ages 16 - 24
Generation E is a fun, exploratory, hands-on and creative thinking session aimed at allowing young people to look at their own skills, aptitudes, and interests in relation to pursuing the entrepreneurial option. The workshop focuses on ways to generate business ideas based on their interests or a need in the community, to understand the realities of entrepreneurship, and to look at entrepreneurial opportunities available in their community. 

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